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In addition to directional terms, there are specific positional terms with which we should be familiar. These terms include __________, which means lying face down.
A. Supine
B. Prone
C. Lateral recumbent
D. None of the above

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Hint:- The directional and positional terms are important in order to describe the position of the body compared to other structures accurately. These terms are effective in explaining the anatomical positioning of the human body. There are ten directional terms in total.

Complete Answer:-In order to answer the question, we need to understand the meaning of each option.
Supine is a positional term which is when a person faces towards the sky. It is a position in which we lie down. Prone position is the opposite of supine. It is a positional term where the face of the person is directed towards the ground. The chest faces the ground and back faces the sky. Lateral recumbent is a position which is known as the side positional. We know that lateral means to the side. In this position, the person lies down with their side on the ground.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As mentioned above, there are ten directional terms:
- Superior which means above
- Inferior which means below
- Anterior which means in the front
- Posterior which means in the back
- Medial which means midline of the human body
- Lateral which means side of the human body
- Proximal which means close
- Distal which means at a distance
- Superficial which means at the surface of the body
- Deep which means into the body

The correct option is (b)

Note:- If there is confusion while answering the question, think about the position which means ‘lying face down’ as mentioned in the question. Prone is the position when a person lies facing downwards. Also, keep in mind the four positional terms- Fowler’s, Supine, Prone and Lateral recumbent.