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In a sack there are $ 1\,yellow\,ball $ , $ 2\,green\,ball $ , $ and\,3\,blue\,ball $ . What is the probability of getting the green ball?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Probability: Probability is simply how likely something is to occur or when we are unsure about the outcomes we talk about the probabilities. Probability is the mathematical representation of a random phenomenon. The sample space S for a probability model is the set of all possible outcomes.
We will choose the ball as per the given condition in the question. We find the total number of balls and try to find what will favour the outcome and then find the probability to get green balls.

Complete step by step solution:
Total number of yellow ball $ = 1 $
Total number of green ball $ = 2 $
Total number of blue ball $ = 3 $
Total number of ball in the sack $ = 1 + 2 + 3 $
Total number of ball in the sack $ = 6 $
As we know that probability is,
  $ \Rightarrow P = \dfrac{{Favourable\,outcomes}}{{Total\,outcomes}} $
Favorable outcomes $ = 2 $
Total outcomes $ = 6 $
So the probability of getting green balls are
  $ \Rightarrow P = \dfrac{2}{6} $ s
 $ \Rightarrow P = \dfrac{1}{3} $
Hence the probability of getting green ball is $ \dfrac{1}{3} $
So, the correct answer is “ $ \dfrac{1}{3} $ ”.

Note: Probability of any event never be more than 1 because there is no chance of occurring more than chance of happening. There are three types of probability- theoretical, experimental, and axiomatic probability. Probability is widely used in areas of studies, politics, sports, finance.
We should know that the value of probability can never be negative as well as not more than one.