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In a certain plant, the red color flower (R) is dominant over the white color flower (r). When a heterozygous Rr plant is selfed, 64 offsprings are obtained. The number of white offsprings is
A. 64
B. 0
C. 16
D. 32

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Hint: A monohybrid cross is a hereditary blend between two individuals who have homozygous genotypes, or genotypes that have totally prevailing or totally passive alleles, which result in inverse aggregates for a specific hereditary quality.

Complete answer:
• Monohybrid crosses are utilized by geneticists to see how the posterity of homozygous people express the heterozygous genotypes they acquire from their folks. Commonly, this blend decides the prevailing genotype.
• A monohybrid cross can likewise mean a hereditary blend between two people who have heterozygous genotypes.
• These crosses affirm the predominance of an allele.
• To an easygoing spectator in the cloister garden, the cross showed up the same as the P cross depicted above: round-cultivated peas being crossed with wrinkled-cultivated ones.
• In any case, Mendel anticipated that this time he would deliver both round and wrinkled seeds and in a 50:50 proportion.
• He played out the cross and reaped 106 round peas and 101 wrinkled peas.
• Mendel tried his speculation with a kind of backcross called a testcross. A life form has an obscure genotype which is one of two genotypes (like RR and Rr) that produce a similar aggregate. The aftereffect of the test recognizes the obscure genotype.
• Selfing of monohybrid results in a 3: 1 phenotypic ratio. Hence, the number of red offspring is 48, and white offsprings are 16. Mendel didn't stop there. He proceeded to cross pea assortments that varied in six other subjective qualities.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note: For each situation, the outcomes upheld his theory. He crossed peas that contrasted in two characteristics. He found that the legacy of one attribute was autonomous of that of the other thus outlined his subsequent principle: the standard of free combination. Today, it is realized that this standard doesn't matter to certain qualities, because of hereditary linkage.