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In a biosphere reserve, the area surrounding the core zone is called as
a. Buffer zone
b. Transition zone
c. Peripheral zone
d. Development zone

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Hint: Biosphere reserves are systemized into three zones: core zone, buffer zone and transition zone. The innermost core zone is strictly secure space followed by buffer zone with restricted act and outmost transition zone with larger quantity of act.

Complete answer:
Biosphere reserves are the secure areas meant for the safeguarding of plants and animals. It additionally reinstates the normal lifetime of the social group living therein venue. They preserve the multifariousness of that space.

Core Zone: This is a de jure protected space wherever human intercession is strictly prohibited. It is the inmost undisturbed scheme. The proof from these areas helps to gauge the property of activities, or maintenance of environmental price within the close areas.

Buffer Zone: The area closest to the core zone is that buffer zone. Here solely the analysis and education activities are allowed to humans. These activities shouldn't hinder the conservation objectives of the core space. This space additionally includes activities that facilitate the accomplishment of natural vegetation, agricultural land, fisheries, or forests to boost the standard of production. This zone may additionally embrace recreation and business enterprise facilities. Human activities are less intensive during this zone as compared to the transition zone.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: There are eighteen-part Reserves in Asian countries established by the government that preserve massive areas of natural habitats. These are as given with the buffer zones that are open for a few economic uses. Not solely the flora and fauna however additionally the humans inhabiting these areas are protected.