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Why is improper disposal of wastes a curse to the environment?

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:-The process starting from the collection of waste from source till the final disposal is referred to as waste management. Each type of waste, for example, solid, gas or liquid, from households, biological labs or industrial factories, requires a specific type of disposal method.

Complete Answer:-The deficit in the management of waste has posed serious concerns in the matter of environmental welfare and health. The most alarming effects have been observed in the following categories:
- Climate Change – Abnormal and unpredictable climatic conditions due to the release of abundant greenhouse gases
- Air, Water & Soil Pollution – Hazardous, toxic materials released into the atmosphere such as plastic, chemicals, hospital wastes leading to a decrease in quality of air/water/soil
- Human Health Issues – Diseases such as Cholera, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, Asthma, Skin problems caused by humans

All these issues are interconnected and it is crucial that they properly managed to maintain a sustainable and clean environment. The main objective of waste disposal management is to minimise the adverse effects the waste and their by-products may have on the environment and consequently the living beings. The steps in the waste disposal are:
- Collection
- Segregation
- Transportation
- Processing
- Disposal

Note:- One of the easiest ways of waste management that can be practised at any level, starting from households to large scale industries is the “three Rs” strategy which stands for Reducing (curtail the amount of waste), Reusing (repurpose discarded matters for an alternate purpose) and Recycling (convert discarded materials into useful materials).