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If a choke coil of negligible resistance works on a 220V source and 5A current is flowing through it, then the loss of power in the choke coil is:
A. Zero
B. 11W
C. 44000W
D. 1.1W

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Hint: There are three types of the passive component in a circuit resistor, inductor, and capacitor. These components are responsible for the hindrance in the flow of the current in the circuit. This hindrance occurs due to the resistance offered in the circuit. In the practical world, every electrical component has its internal resistance including the conductor (connecting wires).
As per the given data,
The power supply is of 220V,
The current flowing in the circuit is 5A.

Complete step-by-step answer:
A pure inductor circuit is shown here,
seo images

In a pure inductor circuit, the current lags the voltage by a phase angle $90{}^\circ $.
The power dissipation in the circuit is due to the resistance applied in the circuit. An inductor is an energy-storing component and it is given in the question that the coil has negligible resistance. So the power loss in the circuit will also be negligible.
Mathematically we know that,
Power = $IV\cos \theta $
As the phase difference between $I$ and $V$ is $90{}^\circ $.
So, power = $IV\cos 90{}^\circ $
As we are familiar with the fact that the value of $\cos 90{}^\circ $ is 0.
So, here we can conclude that the value of power loss will also be zero.
The correct option which shows the true value of the power losses due to the pure inductor circuit connected is option A.

So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: Inductor and capacitor are energy storing devices. In ideal cases, there are no power losses in pure inductor and capacitor circuits. Power loss is due to the resistance offered by the linear passive component (Resistor) or the resistance of the conductor and other components.