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Humulin is the term used for
A. A new antibiotic
B. A sex hormone
C. Human insulin
D. A vaccine

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Hint:-The recombinant DNA technological advancements have an immense impact within the area of healthcare by enabling mass production of safe and effective therapeutic drugs. Further, recombinant therapeutics don't induce unwanted immunological responses as is common in the case of comparable products isolated from non-human sources. Many recombinant therapeutics are approved for human use all over the world.

Complete Answer:-
Insulin used for the treatment of diabetes was earlier extracted from the pancreas of slaughtered cattle and pigs. Insulin derived from an animal source caused some patients to develop allergies or other kinds of reactions to the foreign protein.
The mature form of insulin consists of two short polypeptide chains- chain A and chain B, that are linked together by disulphide bonds. In mammals, insulin is synthesized as a prohormone . This prohormone has to be processed before it becomes a completely mature and functional hormone. This prohormone contains an additional peptide chain called chain C. This C peptide isn't present within the mature insulin and is removed during maturation into insulin. Production of insulin using rDNA technology faced the main challenge of assembling the insulin into a mature form.
An american company prepared two DNA sequences corresponding to A and B chains of human insulin and introduced them in plasmids of E.coli to produce insulin chains. Chains A and B were produced separately, extracted and combined by creating disulphide bonds to create human insulin also called as humulin.
Thus, the right option is C.

Note:- Human insulin was first prepared by an american company called Eli Lilly. Management of adult onset diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is feasible by taking insulin at regular intervals. Human insulin thus becomes very essential for the patients suffering with diabetes. Administration of insulin from outside is completed intravenously because if it's orally administered to diabetic people, it will get digested because it is proteinaceous in nature.