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How many grams of \[CoS{O_4}\]are present in (\[5.52 \times {10^{ - 1}}\])\[L\] of a (\[2.7600 \times {10^0}\])\[M\]\[CoS{O_4}\]solution?

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Hint: \[Cobalt\left( {II} \right)\]sulfate is any of the inorganic mixes with the formula \[CoS{O_4}{\left( {{H_2}O} \right)_x}\]. Normally cobalt sulfate alludes to the hydrate \[CoS{O_4}.7{H_2}O\], which is quite possibly the most ordinarily accessible salts of cobalt.

Complete step by step answer:
The molarity of a solution is the quantity of moles of a solute that are found in \[1L\] of solution.
We are given that $2.7600 \cdot {10^0}$ moles of \[CoS{O_4}\] are found in \[1L\] of \[CoS{O_4}\] solution.
$2.7600 \cdot {10^0}$ is equivalent to \[2.76\].
in \[1L\] of solution, \[2.76\] moles are found.
in $5.52 \cdot {10^{ - 1}}L$, $\left( {2.76 \cdot 5.52 \cdot {{10}^{ - 1}}} \right)$ moles are found.
$2.76 \cdot 5.52 \cdot {10^{ - 1}}$ is equivalent to\[1.52352\].
in $5.52 \cdot {10^{ - 1}}L$ of \[CoS{O_4}\] solution, \[1.52352\] moles of \[CoS{O_4}\] are found.
the condition connecting mass, molar mass and number of moles is
$m = Mn$
\[mass{\text{ }} = {\text{ }}molar{\text{ }}mass{\text{ }} \times {\text{ }}number{\text{ }}of{\text{ }}moles\]
The molar mass of \[CoS{O_4}\] is \[155g/mol\].
The quantity of moles here is \[1.52352mol\].
the mass is \[1.52352 \cdot 155\] grams,
which is \[236.1456g\].
To three critical figures, this is \[236g\].
In this way, the required answer is: \[\left[ {236g} \right]\]
Molar mass is the mass of one mole of substance in grams which is equivalent to nuclear mass. Concentration is a measure of molarity. The cycle by which an answer is made less thought through expansion of more dissolvable is called dilution.
Normality is another measure which can be determined from molarity. Molarity increase with acidity or basicity is called normality. Acidity is the quantity of hydroxyl bunches which can be given. Basicity is the quantity of protons which can be given.

Note: Cobalt is gotten from metals through the sulfate by and large.
Hydrated \[cobalt\left( {II} \right)\] sulfate is utilized in the solution of colors, just as in the production of other cobalt salts. Cobalt shade is utilized in porcelains and glass. \[cobalt\left( {II} \right)\] sulfate is utilized away from batteries and electroplating showers, thoughtful inks, and as an added substance to soils and creatures. For these reasons, the cobalt sulfate is delivered by treating cobalt oxide with sulfuric acid.
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