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Given here is representation of the extent of global diversity of vertebrates. What groups do the portions represent?

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A)a - fishes, b - mammals, c - birds, d reptiles, e amphibians
B)a - fishes, b amphibians, c - mammals, d - birds, e reptiles
C)a - mammals, b - birds, c - fishes, d - amphibians, e reptiles
D)a - birds, b - reptiles, c fishes, d mammals, e amphibians

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Hint: Biodiversity is the different types of life present on earth that varies. This is the number of plants, animals, and microorganisms of various types. It contains species, from deserts, rainforests, coral reefs, grasslands, tundra, and polar ice caps, from the radically diverse habitats on Earth.

Complete answer:
A) Of the vertebrates, fish have the greatest diversity.
B) Birds are the second largest group after fish.
C) In terms of diversity, reptiles rank third among vertebrates.
D) In the second last place, amphibians arrive.
E) Mammals hold the final position in terms of global diversity.

Advantages of biodiversity:
1)Increase the productivity of the environment; each species in an ecosystem has a particular niche, a role to play.
2)Support a larger number of varieties of plants and therefore a greater range of crops.
3)Promoting soil formation and restoration.
4)Provision for the preservation and regeneration of nutrients.
5)Breakdown assistance for toxins.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: A diverse community of genes is needed by our habitats and the animals that exist in them. Inbreeding causes more genetic abnormalities. The potential for extinction rises with a decreased variation of the gene pool.