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Given below are the steps of the protein synthesis. Arrange them in the correct sequence and select the correct option.
(i) Codon- anticodon reaction between mRNA and aminoacyl tRNA complex.
(ii) Attachment of mRNA and smaller sub-unit of ribosomes.
(iii) Charging or amino acylation of tRNA.
(iv) Attachment of a larger subunit of ribosomes to the mRNA- tRNAMet complex.
(v) Linking of adjacent amino acids.
(vi) Formation of polypeptide chain.
(A) $(ii) \to (i) \to (iii) \to (iv) \to (vi)$
(B) $(v) \to (ii) \to (i) \to (iii) \to (iv) \to (vi)$
(C) $(iii) \to (ii) \to (iv) \to (i) \to (v) \to (vi)$
(D) $(iii) \to (ii) \to (i) \to (iv) \to (v) \to (vi)$

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Hint: The proteins are made by the cells by the process of protein synthesis. It involves two stages as transcription and the translation. Transcription is the process in which the DNA is converted into the RNA and the translation is the process of conversion of RNA into the DNA.

Complete answer:
Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase is a protein that appends the fitting amino acid onto its tRNA. This progression is called the accusing of the tRNA of proper amino acid to the anti-codon arm. The mRNA is subsequently connected to the tRNA and a little sub unit of the ribosome is gathered principally which is the cellular factory and this helps in the interpretation of mRNA to proteins.

At first, the ribosomes are attached to the mRNA which is recognized by the initiator TRNA. The subunits of the ribosomes possess two sites of amino acid to form the peptide bond formation. This is the linkage between the amino acids by the formation of the peptide bond between them. So, the correct answer is$(iii) \to (ii) \to (i) \to (iv) \to (v) \to (vi)$.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(D)

Note: The process of transcription takes place with the help of enzyme transcriptase and it occurs in three stages as initiation, elongation of the genetic fragments and the termination of the nucleotide sequence. The process of the translation takes in the opposite way to the transcription by the use of the enzyme reverse transcriptase.