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Given a pie diagram represents the proportionate number of species of major groups of invertebrates. Identify the groups A and B.
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(a) A-Reptiles, B-Birds
(b) A-Fish, B-Birds
(c) A-Bird, B-Fish
(d )A-Bird, B-Reptiles

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Hint: Vertebrates means animals which are differentiated by the presence of backbone or spinal column or spinal cord. Examples of vertebrates are mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Invertebrates means the animals which are lacking or which do not consist of backbone or spinal column. Examples of invertebrates are arthropods, mollusk, annelid, coelenterate, etc.

Complete answer:
Among all the vertebrates fish are maximum in numbers i.e. approximately 26,000 species whereas birds have approximately 9,700 species identified and reptiles have 7,150 species.
The external factors like temperature, food or any availability may cause certain adaptational changes which can cause global diversities.
Vertebrates are also known as chordates and invertebrates are known as non-chordates. In vertebrates heart is present on ventral side and in invertebrates heart is absent or if present then it is at dorsal side. Central Nervous System i.e. CNS in vertebrates is hollow and is present on dorsal side and in invertebrates it is solid and is present on dorsal side.
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According to the above given pie chart fishes have the maximum number of diversity followed by mammals, birds and amphibians.

Hence, the correct option is (b) i.e. A-Fish, B-Birds.

Vertebrates are also known as Chordates and Invertebrates are also known as non-chordates. In vertebrates the order of their diversity is Fish which have a maximum number of species, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and the least are Amphibians. In vertebrates RBC is present in haemoglobin and in invertebrates plasma is present.