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Give three management practices that are common in dairy and poultry farming.

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: Poultry farming is nothing but raising the chicken, geese, ducks, and turkeys which are domesticated birds are used for farming the food like meat and eggs, while dairy farming is mainly to produce milk for long term.

Complete answer:
> Poultry farming:
- It is a form of agricultural practice, where per year 60 billion of chicken is consumed as food.
- The chicken used for laying eggs is called layers, while the chickens which are used to farm the meat are called broilers.
- Generally, commercial farming hens lay eggs in the range of 16 to 21 weeks.
- While this commercial farming is doing, environmental factors or conditions are controlled automatically in egg-laying systems.
- Whereas some commercial breeds produce 300 eggs per year, and this commercial farming is done by either free-range or free run.
- Poultry housing shows the adverse effect on the respiratory health of the workers.

> Dairy farming:
- Dairy farming is also an agriculture practice, it is mainly used for the production of milk.
- They typically consist of high producing dairy cows, whereas in the other countries, species other than cows used for dairy farming are goats, sheep and camels, etc.
- There are so many management strategies which are extensive and intensive. But there are some common management practices in both poultry and dairy farming are given below:
1. Bothe the poultry and dairy farms should be Clean and provide proper shelter facilities.
2. In both farms, the animals should be Supplied with nutritive, balanced and hygienic food.
3. In both the farms the animals should be kept in spacious as well as in a good ventilated place.
4. Whenever there is a disease attack, prevention and curing of disease should be ensured in the right time.

Note: In an implied form, in both the farming the common management practice are Shelter - proper hygienic housing should be given, and food- nutritive food should be given, Health - health should be taken care of and preventive measures should be taken.