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Give IUPAC name of \[CH\equiv C-C\equiv C-C\equiv CH.\]

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: We know that first try and identify the functional group present in the compound, then find the longest carbon chain present in the compound followed by out the substituent groups on the main chain and then using the suffix or prefix of functional group, you can name the compound by IUPAC method.

Complete answer:
In order to give compounds a name, we must follow certain rules. When we want to name organic compounds, we should follow the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) nomenclature (naming scheme). We will try to know about the norms of IUPAC, that we should follow in naming organic compounds by answering the above question. A set of rules has been formulated by IUPAC for a systematic approach for the nomenclature of organic compounds which has been revised from time to time. Any IUPAC name of the given organic compound consists of three parts of the name which are: parent name, prefix and suffix.
According to the Guidelines set by IUPAC, the nomenclature of compounds must follow these steps:
The Longest Chain Rule.
The Lowest Set of Locates.
Multiple instances of the same substituent.
The naming of different substituents.
Correct naming of different substituents in case they are present at the same positions.
Naming Complex Substituents.
\[\overset{1}{\mathop{CH}}\,\equiv \overset{2}{\mathop{C}}\,-\overset{3}{\mathop{C}}\,\equiv \overset{4}{\mathop{C}}\,-\overset{5}{\mathop{C}}\,\equiv \overset{6}{\mathop{CH}}\,\]
Therefore, the IUPAC name is given as \[Hex-1,3,5-yne.\]

Remember that if more than one type of substituent groups are present on the carbon chain then make sure that you write the IUPAC name of that compound in a way that all those substituent groups are arranged in an alphabetical manner. If a substituent group is present in the compound more than one time, then we should use the Di-, Tri-, Tetra- prefix.