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Give examples of three plants that have: leaves which close at night

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Mechanism of leaves closing at night in the plants is called as Nyctinasty, The circadian rhythm attic movement in the higher plants seen during the darkness is considered as the sleeping of the plants during this mechanism the petals of the leaves are closed which consider as sleep movements.

Complete answer:
The three plants that have leaves which close at night are Acacia, mimosa, and oxalis.
> Acacia: Acacia exhibits Nyctinasty because they fold their leaves during the nights, Acacia is considered as an ornamental plant it grows adequately and very tall they consists of symmetrical leaves with covered leaflets Nyctinasty In Acacia attracts the predators and leaf eating herbivores and also the greater advantage of Acacia is it grows faster with or without much supply of nutrients.

> Mimosa: The mimosa plant is considered as touch me not plant because their leaves close during the night this mechanisms helps mimosa plant to protect its pollen grains and also to reduce the water loss these are highly attractive for animals which consider for grazing and the mimosa grows as a creeping shrub.

> Oxalis: The oxalis leaves move in response to light and these leaves close during the night which is considered as sleep movements and this lead moment shows the bending of the flower and folding its leaf. Oxalis leaves open when there is bright light and when the light is off the leaves they will close by it.

Note: Nyctinasty is a mechanism which helps the plant to protect their internal modifications such as they can protect the developing pollen grains, and also the soft issues and also from the predators, culturally these are considered as ornamental plants.