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Germinal epithelial cells are cuboidal and these are found in-

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Germinal epithelium is a thick layer of cells that envelope around the sex organs of the human body during the early developmental stage of the embryo. Germinal epithelium is different in the female body and the male body. They are referred to as-
Germinal epithelium in the female is a layer of cells covering the ovary.
Germinal epithelium in male is a layer of cells covering the testicle.

Complete answer:
Option- A- TESTES
Germinal epithelium in a male body is the epithelial layer of the seminiferous tubules of the testicles, which is also known as the wall of the seminiferous tubules. These cells in the epithelium are connected via tight junctions. There are two main types of cells in the germinal epithelium in the male body –
- The large Sertoli cells function as supportive cells to the developing sperm.
- The second cell types are the cells belonging to the spermatogenic cell lineage.

Option- B – OVARY
Ovarian surface epithelium which is also known as the germinal epithelium of Waldeyer or coelomic epithelium in a female body is a layer of simple squamous-to-cuboidal epithelial cells covering the ovary. The term “germinal epithelium” in a female body is a misnomer as it does not give rise to primary follicles.

Option- C- OVIDUCT
The main passage-way from the female ovaries to the outside of the body is referred to as the oviduct. In female mammals, this passage-way is also called the uterine tube or fallopian tube. The eggs travel along the oviduct tube.

Option-D- BOTH A AND B
Option A is testes which are the cells present in the germinal epithelium in a male body and the option B is Ovary which is cells present in the germinal epithelium in a female body.

The correct answer is D.

Note: Germinal epitheliums are cuboidal cells found in both testes and ovary. In a male’s body, germinal epithelium cells cover the wall of seminiferous tubules within testes. And in a female’s body, it protects the outermost layer of the ovary.