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Galapagos islands are associated with the name of
A. Wallace
B. Malthus
C. Darwin
D. Lamarck

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Hint: The Galapagos island is an archipelago island which is distributed in the Pacific Ocean on either side of the equator. It belongs to the Republic of Ecuador. The Galapagos islands are well-known for their large number of endemic species.

Complete answer: A large number of endemic species on the Galapagos islands were studied by Charles Darwin during the second voyage of HMS Beagle. The fact that variations occur along with the time was supported by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin observed amazing variations in the pattern of the beak of finches. These finches originated from one geographical location but were radiated out to the other. Galapagos finches popularly known as Darwin’s finches are a group of about passerine birds of fifteen different species. They are often classified as the Geospizinae subfamily. It is still not clear as to which bird family the passerine birds belong to. Passerine birds are one of the endemic species that were found by Darwin in the Galapagos islands.
Therefore, option C: Darwin is the correct answer.
Additional information:
The word endemism is derived from the New Latin word endemic which means native. The ecological state of species that are native and defined to a particular geographical location is called endemism. The animals and plants species belong to a particular location in a specific habitat and are not found anywhere. Such species that are native to a particular region or habitat is called endemic species

Note: The observations made by Darwin in the Galapagos island contributed to Darwin's theory of evolution which is based on natural selection. The Galapagos island is characterized by numerous contemporaneous volcanoes. The Galapagos islands consist of 18 main islands of which one of them is named Darwin island.