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Full form of the word AIDS is
A. Autoimmune deficiency syndrome
B. Auto immune deficiency syndrome
C. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
D. Acquired immune disease syndrome

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: AIDS is a chronic disease of the immune system, which is affected post-infection by HIV. Carriers of the virus are not necessarily affected.

Complete answer:
Complete step by step answer:
AIDS or Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome occurs when the body's immune system is damaged by the HIV (Human Immuno Virus) virus. It marks the late stages of the disease.
AIDS is a communicable disease and the most common causes of transmission are sexual transmissions and blood transfusions. The virus invades the body and gradually eradicates the immune system. In the early stages of AIDS, common infections are prevalent like influenza and are followed by a prolonged period of illness with no major symptoms. As the infection spreads, the affected body becomes prone to illnesses like tuberculosis, tumor, prolonged fever, weight loss, etc. It is a chronic disease and no particular cure has yet been discerned. The major symptoms towards the late stages of the infection are;
-Inflamed lymph nodes and throat
-Soreness of mouth and genitals
-Weight loss
-Gastrointestinal problems
Hence the correct answer is option C.

Note: Detection of the infection in the early stages is not possible because the symptoms don't occur until AIDS is developed. Regular checkups and medications can prevent the development of the disease because getting affected by HIV doesn’t necessarily lead to AIDS under proper care. Safe sex, Male circumcision, needle exchange are certain ways of preventing AIDS.