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What is the frequency of radiation of wavelength $600\text{nm}$?

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Hint: c= $3\times {{10}^{8}}m/\sec $
$v=\dfrac{c}{\lambda }$ where c is the speed of light and $\lambda $ is the frequency of radiation.

Complete answer:
First, we have to convert the given wavelength into m from nm.
Putting the values in the formula $v=\dfrac{c}{\lambda }$
$\rightarrow$$v=\dfrac{3\times {{10}^{8}}\text{m se}{{\text{c}}^{-1}}}{600\times {{10}^{-7}}\text{m}}$
$\rightarrow$$v=\dfrac{1\times {{10}^{15}}{{\sec }^{-1}}}{2}$
$\rightarrow$$v=5\times {{10}^{14}}{{\sec }^{-1}}$
Therefore, the frequency of radiation is $5\times {{10}^{14}}{{\sec }^{-1}}$
Wavelength is the distance between two consecutive crests or troughs.
Frequency of a radiation is the number of waves formed in the given time.
Radiation is the energy transmitted from a source continuously.
When an electron gains some energy, it gets excited and jumps to higher energy level
But the electrons are really unstable at higher energy levels so to come back at ground state and become stable again it has to lose some energy.
The electron loses some energy in the form of radiations to come back to its ground states.
These radiations are made up of electric and magnetic fields which propagate perpendicular to each other.
Hence these radiations are named as electromagnetic waves.
The different electromagnetic waves differ to each other by their wavelength and velocity.
The arrangement of electromagnetic waves in the order of increasing wavelength or decreasing frequency is called the electromagnetic spectrum.

The wavelength of electromagnetic waves is often written in nm which needs to be converted to m.
Some other properties of these radiations are:
Amplitude- It is measured as the height of the crest or the depth of the trough.
Wavenumber- It is the number of waves present in $1cm$ length.
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