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What is the formula of zinc blende?
(A) ZnO
(B) Zns
(C) $Z{{n}_{2}}S$
(D) none of these

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The bonds which are not clear in solid state structures are crystalline solids. Zinc blende has a unique structure compared to other molecules. Zinc Blende exhibits different types of unique structures based on various temperatures. The crystal structure of zinc blende causes its semiconductor property.

Complete step by step solution:
Zinc blende have a diamond structure network and wurtzite structure type which has hexagonal type of symmetry.
This compound has two forms of sphalerite and wurtzite, which are characterized by 1:1 stoichiometric ratio of zinc to sulfur and both forms maintain tetrahedral arrangement.
These two forms of sphalerite and wurtzite have hexagonal and cubic structures respectively. The sphalerite is a cubic close packing (ccp), which is also known as face-centered cubic structure. The Wurtzite is characterized by 12 ions in the corners of each unit that creates hexagonal prisms which has a hexagonal closest packing structure (hcp)
The structure of Zinc blende consists of Zn metal and S atom attached to each other with a polar covalent bond. Due to the same number of atoms in a single unit cell of Zn and S, it is consistent with the formula ZnS. So, this will be the molecular or chemical formula of Zinc Blende.

Hence, the formula of Zinc Blende is ZnS. The correct option is B.

Note: Zinc blende density decreases with increases in temperature. This compound decomposes easily in presence of oxidizing agents and acids. ZnS is not toxic but harmful to hazardous environments. This compound can penetrate into soil and contaminate the groundwater, methods to impose to stop it.