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Last updated date: 24th Nov 2023
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For frugivorous birds and mammals of the tropical forests of different continents, the slope is found to be
a) 0.6
b) 1.3
c) 1.15
d) 1.7

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Hint: Species area relationship is a curve that determines the relationship between the number of species found in that area and the area of habitat. This relationship was given by Alexander Von Humbolt, who observed that species increase with the increase in the area but only up to a certain limit.

Complete answer:
Alexander von Humboldt observed that within a region, species richness increased with increasing explored area, but only up to a limit. This meant that species increased with the increase in the area but only up to a certain limit.
This relationship curve for most of the species is a rectangular hyperbola. Such species with rectangular hyperbolic curves include angiosperm plants, birds, bats, and freshwater fishes. If a graph was plotted, the relationship is a straight line represented by the equation log S = log C + Z log A where, S is the species richness, A is the area of habitat, Z is the slope of the line (regression coefficient) and C is the Y-intercept.
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The slope of the line is much steeper and ranges between two. For birds and mammals residing in the tropical forests of different continents, belonging to the frugivorous category has a slope of 1.15.

Therefore, option c) is the correct answer.

The frugivorous animals and birds survive on raw fruits, succulent vegetables, roots and shoots, nuts and seeds. They generally belong to the tropical forests of different countries. To date, there is a record of twenty-one species of birds and nine species of animals (mammals) who are frugivorous.