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First electrochemical cell was designed by?
(A) Leclanche
(B) Faraday
(C) Galvanic
(D) Someone other than those mentioned above

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Hint: An electrochemical cell which is used to convert the chemical energy liberated from the reactions taking place inside it into the electrical energy. The commonly used batteries consist of these electrochemical cells which are known as the Galvanic or the Voltaic cell.

Complete answer:
The Leclanche cell was invented by the French electrical engineer Georges Lechlanche in the year $1866$. It was the forerunner of the dry cell battery, known as the zinc-carbon which is used in the modern world on a large scale. The Leclanche cell was one of the first electric batteries to be invented. But it was not the very first electro chemical to be invented.
Therefore, the option A is incorrect.
Michael Faraday was an English scientist who made significant contributions to the theory of Electrochemistry. He established the two main laws of electrolysis in the year $1833$, known as the Faraday’s laws of electrolysis. However, he did not design any electrochemical cell.
Therefore, the option B is also incorrect.
Luigi Galvani was an Italian physicist who discovered animal electricity. In the year $1780$ he with his wife Lucia discovered that there is a contraction in the muscles of the legs of a dead frog when an electrical spark is struck on it. This led to the foundation of the bioelectricity, which explained the electrical signals from the nerves and the muscle tissues. However, he too did not design any electrochemical cell.
Therefore, the option C is also incorrect.
Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist who is known to be the inventor of the electrical battery. In the year $1800$ he invented the voltaic pile which is known as an early electric battery. It produced a steady electric current from the chemical energy liberated from the spontaneous redox reactions taking place within the electrochemical cell. It is the first ever electrochemical cell to be designed.
Hence, the correct answer is option D.

Although Volta was the person to invent the very first electrochemical cell, since it came as a disagreement to the animal theory of electricity laid by Luigi Galvani, so it is named in honour to both the physicists. It is known by both the names of the Galvanic cell, and the Voltaic cell.
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