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Fill in the blanks:
Freezing mixture contains ------- and ---------:

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Hint: Freeing mixture is a mixture of two or more substances. It is used to obtain a temperature below the freezing point of a solvent. Depression in freezing point is the principle behind it.

Complete step by step answer:
Freezing mixture is a mixture of salt and ice. From the name we can understand that it is used to lower the temperature. Mixture of dry ice and alcohol can also be used for this. A freezing mixture will not absorb heat from outside.
Additional information: Freezing point is the temperature at which liquid changes into solid state. NaCl is called salt. This is a non-volatile substance. When we add salt to ice it will first dissolve in the liquid. So, it will lower the freezing point of water below the temperature of ice. So, when we mix salt and ice, ice will melt and more water will be formed. So, this will help to dissolve more salt. Freezing mixtures are used in laboratories for cooling. Freezing mixture can be liquid, solid or both. Mixture of dry ice with alcohol or ether can also be used as a freezing mixture. They can lower the temperature up to \[ - 80^\circ \] .

Note: Depression in freezing point is a colligative property. Freezing point depression is the lowering of the freezing point of a solvent on the addition of a non-volatile solute. e.g. Alcohol in water. One of the applications of freezing mixture is, we put salt on icy roads during the winter season. Melting point of ice will be lowered and that makes driving safer. Freezing point depression is represented as \[\Delta T\] . \[\Delta T = KF \times KF\] is the molal freezing point depression constant.