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Fats are stored in the human body as __________.
A. Areolar tissue
B. Adipose tissue
C. Cartilage
D. Bone marrow

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Hint: Fats are complex units of fatty acids that provide energy to the body. They form an essential portion of the human diet. Fat gets stored as fatty tissue underneath the skin. This tissue provides insulation to the body. Fat helps to reduce heat loss through the skin.

Complete answer: Fats are the main component of a balanced diet and they are a rich source of energy. Fats are also responsible for the storage of energy so that it can be used when required. Fats are usually referred to as triglycerides in vegetable oils or as the fatty tissue in animals. Fats are required to maintain healthy body growth including healthy hair and skin. Fats help to maintain body temperature and promote healthy cell function. Vital organs are protected from shock as fats absorb the shock. Despite the various benefits of fats, they should be maintained at normal levels as an excess of them can be lethal. Obesity is a common result that can be seen as a result of excess fat storage in the body.
In animals, fats get deposited as adipose tissue or fatty tissue of the body. The adipocytes or fat cells are storehouses of fat. These cells degrade under stress conditions and provide fatty acids and glycerol to the body for proper functioning. Various hormones like glucagon, insulin, epinephrine, etc. regulate fat storage. The abdominal walls have adipose tissue layers that are called visceral fats. On the other hand, the fat located beneath the skin is called subcutaneous fat.
Hence, the correct answer is option B.
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Note: Recently the adipose-derived fat stem cells are being used in various stem cell therapies. Fat tissue is the most undesirable body product thus isolation and availability of adipose stem cells is much easier. These stem cells have found their applications in curing various brain diseases.