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Explain: Waste is a valuable resource if managed properly.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:-Waste management as well as waste disposal are all the operations and activities needed from its origin to its final disposal to handle the waste. This includes the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste, along with control and regulation, among other items. It also includes the legal and regulatory system relating to waste management, including recycling advice and so on.

Complete Answer:-Protecting the environment and for the health and welfare of the people is the most important justification for proper waste management. Some types of waste can be dangerous and the environment can be polluted. Soil and air contamination can also be caused by poor waste management activities that can lead to severe medical problems in humans and animals. Implementing good practises in waste management not only helps to protect the planet but can also support the business.
One of the main facets of waste management is recycling, as it helps to save resources over time. The practice of recycling paper can be traced to one of the greatest causes of this benefit. The need for cutting trees is significantly minimised when a used paper is recycled to create new paper. Hundreds of jobs are generated by the recycling industry alone.

Note:- Biodegradable waste from the food processing industry, such as food products, animal waste or organic industrial waste, is sent to biodegradation plants. They are transformed into biogas through degradation with the aid of bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms in biodegradation plants. Here, for microorganisms, organic matter serves as food. As a result of this degradation process, which is used as fuel, biogas is produced and the residue is utilized as manure.