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Explain the role of forest in conserving the environment. How do the forests get depleted? What is its consequence?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Forest is the area which is mainly covered by large trees and shrubs, which is the habitat of a large number of animals which belong to different trophic levels in an ecosystem. Forest from terrestrial and forest ecosystems. Forest provide a large number of services

Complete answer:
Forests are the life of earth because they provide food, timber, rubber, medicine that act as resources for humans and forest maintain the weather condition of a particular region and regulate the climatic condition of the earth. Forest fixes one of the major greenhouse gases called carbon dioxide, which influences the global atmospheric temperature of the earth. Forest is the habitat of the number of living organisms either insects, birds, reptiles and mammals, and many other kinds of animals or plant species.
The major forest is divided into four types such as:-
1. Tropical rainforest: Such kind of forest is densely covered by trees and receives maximum rainfall which holds a large number of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The tropical rainforest found in near-equatorial or subequatorial regions.
2. Temperate forest: Such forest is found in the temperate region of the world and receives less rainfall due to this less biodiversity with less number of trees.
3. Boreal forests: These forests found in the US, North Europe, and Russia, which is a cold region, these forests are less dense as compared to the temperate forest.
4. Coniferous forest: Such forest is found in an almost cold region where land is dominated by snow cover and biodiversity is sparse.
Forests are depleted day by day due to over-exploitation of forest resources by a human. forest land is used for other human activities such as mining purposes, agricultural sector, industrial sector, and human settlement.
Forests are degraded due to deforestation, fragmentation, climate change, anthropogenic fire, and many other natural or manmade activities.

Note: Tropical forest holds a large number of biodiversity and contribute to release enormous amount oxygen and maintain the gas cycle, amazon forest is so dense and habituated by a large number of plant and animal species which are not found anywhere in the world and amazon is called as lungs of the earth.