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Explain in brief the role of animal husbandry in human welfare.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Agriculture practice of breeding, raising livestock defined as an animal’s husbandry such as eggs, meat duck and chicken that obtained from the poultry. Goats reared for milk, meat sheep also reared milk and wool, cow and buffalo also reared for milk. Animal husbandry is cost effective with high profit returns as side occupation along with agriculture and contributes to human welfare.

Complete answer:
Animal husbandry deals with the scientific management of livestock including the control of disease to the raised population of animal livestock, breeding and feeding. The animals involved in animal husbandry such as pig, sheep, cow, buffalo, goat and fish are useful in various disciplines such as food and medicine. Animal husbandry fetches large amounts of money by the production of silk, honey wool, egg and meat. By increasing the demand of the human population these husbandry products need to improve the management of livestock scientifically.
For the animal husbandry we need only domestic animals which are reared for recreation purpose and economically used such as sheep, goat and poultry fishes. Most of the farmers in India depend upon animal husbandry. So animal husbandry plays the most important role in the rural economy. More than 70% production of the livestock from the animal husbandry in India and China. And the science management which deals with the animal livestock known as an animal husbandry.

Note: On the commercial aspects of animal husbandry fetches a lot of profit from export of the animal products national and international level. And demand for aquatic foods such as fish, meat of the animals also provide a large amount of benefit to the husbandry practice.