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Enterokinase is present in the
A. Bile juice
B. Intestinal juice
C. Pancreatic juice
D. Pancreatic hormone

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:- Enterokinase is the enzyme present in the duodenum and is used for the digestion of food particles. It helps in the conversion of the inactive form of trypsinogen into its active form, which is trypsin. The absence of this enzyme will prevent the absorption of proteins in the body and cause its deficiency.

Complete Answer:-Enterokinase is the enzyme present in the small intestine and is released by the mucosal cells of the duodenum part of the small intestine. When food enters the small intestine from the stomach, then the enzyme enterokinase is released which changes the inactive form of the trypsinogen into its active form which is known as trypsin. These then help in the regulation of pancreatic juices which are then released into the intestine for the digestion of food. Trypsin enzyme helps in the digestion of undigested protein substances present in food. In the absence of the release of the enzyme enterokinase, the body faces a deficiency of proteins. This deficiency is caused when the body is unable to absorb protein substances from food. This can lead to serious autosomal recessive diseases in some individuals. In infants, it can lead to malabsorption and chronic diarrhea with the presence of edema.

So, the answer is Option B - Intestinal juice.

Note:- The intestinal juices released by the small intestine help neutralize the acid being released by the stomach on the food. It also contains digestive enzymes which help in the digestion and absorption of food substances into the bloodstream. Various enzymes present in this juice are lactases, lipases, enterokinase, and amylases.