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Electric field lines are shown between two charges $A$ and $B$ kept near to each other. Identify the charges $A$ and $B$ , respectively?
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(A) positive, positive
(B) negative, negative
(C) positive, negative
(D) negative, positive
(E) neutral, neutral

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Hint:The electric field lines are the lines that are drawn in an imaginary way that indicates the direction of its flow between the charges. The close lines between the charges indicate the intensity of the electric field at that point. These lines provide the visual idea of the electric field and its orientation.

Complete step by step solution:
The electric field lines are introduced first by the scientist Michael Faraday. These lines do not intersect each other and are perpendicular to the charge surface. The electric field lines move away from the positive charge and come towards the negative charge. From the given diagram, it is clear that the field lines originate in the point $B$ and move away from it. Hence it must be the positive charge. While considering the point $A$ , all the field lines come towards it from the point $A$ , hence it must be the electron.
Thus the option (D) is correct.
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Note: If the charge has more magnitude, then the number of the field lines that it has will also be more. Remember that the electric field lines start from the positive charge and it terminates in the negative charge. If both similar charges are placed near to each other, then the field lines will be away from each other.