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Due to hectic and busy schedule, Mr. Angad made his life full of tensions and anxiety. He started taking sleeping pills to overcome the depression without consulting the doctor. Mr. Deepak, a close friend of Mr. Angad advised him to stop taking sleeping pills and suggested to change his lifestyle by doing yoga, meditation, and some physical exercise. Mr. Angad followed his friends’ advice and after a few days he started feeling better. After reading the above passage, answer the following.
i) What are the values (at least two) displayed by Mr. Deepak?
ii) Why is it not advisable to take sleeping pills without consulting a doctor?
iii) What are tranquilisers? Give two examples.

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Hint: To answer the questions, read the passage very carefully. For the part (i), we have to read the passage, and tell the qualities like love, and many more shown by Deepak. For the part (ii) we can consider the after effects of sleeping pills. For the part (iii), we know that tranquilisers are kind of drugs categorised under neurologically active drugs. So, this question is based on medicines, and drugs used in our daily routine.

Complete step by step answer:
> Now, we will answer this passage step by step. First we will discuss the part (i).
By reading the passage we get to know that Mr. Deepak is a close friend of Mr. Angad, so he is caring towards him, as he stopped him to take the sleeping pills.
We can say that Mr. Deepak has a great knowledge of the side effects of sleeping pills, so he suggested different ways to cope up with the stress, and anxiety.
> Now, if we talk about the part (ii), we have to tell the reason for concerning the doctor before taking sleeping pills.
As we know sleeping pills are being prescribed by the doctor for stress, pain or may be depression to the patients.
Sleeping pills have side effects like the consumption of it can stop the functioning of the nervous system.
> Talking about the part (iii), tranquilisers can be defined in the category of neurologically active drugs as mentioned. The examples are equanil. Meprobamate, chlordiazepoxide, and phenelzine, and many more.
If we see the functioning of tranquilisers, they inhibit the transfer of message from the nerve to the receptor organisms in our body.
These are prescribed in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and mental diseases, or we can say depression.

In the last, we can conclude that (i) qualities shown by Mr. Deepak are care, knowledge, and concern for his friend; and (ii), and (iii) parts are interrelated in terms of drugs.

Note: Don’t be confused, as suggested read the passage very carefully. The tranquilisers should be explained carefully on the basis of passage, don’t mix it up with the other drugs studied in the chemistry. One of the most common examples of tranquilizer is iproniazid, which was originally used in the treatment of Tuberculosis but later became the most prominent antidepressant drug.