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Dryopithecus is considered to be
A) Ancestral form of Ape
B) Ancestral form of monkey
C) Connecting link between Ape and man
D) Common ancestor of ape and man

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Hint: In the origin and evolution of man about 15 mya primates called Dryopithecus and Ramapithecus were existing. They were so hearing and they like gorillas and chimpanzees.

Complete Answer:
- Few fossils of men like bones were discovered in Ethiopia and Tanzania full stop about 3-4 mya like primates in Eastern Africa. They were probably not taller than 4 feet but walked upright 2 mya.
- Australopithecines lived in East African grasslands. From evidence we found that they hunted with stone weapons and ate fruits. This creature was called the first human-like being 'Hominid' and was called 'Homo habilis' with a brain.
- Capacity between 650-800 Cranial Capacity(cc). They probably did not eat meat.
- Then fossils discovered in Java revealed 'homo erectus' about 1.5 mya with a brain capacity of 900cc. They probably ate meat.
- After that a Neanderthal man with a brain size of 1400 cc lived near east and Central Asia. They used Hides to protect their body and buried their dead.
- Then 'Homo Sapiens' arose into distinct races. Modern 'Homo Sapiens' arose between 75000-10,000 years ago.
- The rest of what happened is a past of human history of growth.
- Dryopithecus was more ape-like. Dryopithecus is a genus of extinct Apes. They were found during the late Miocene period.

Hence it is considered to be an ancestral form of ape. Hence the correct answer is option ‘A’.

Note: As we can conclude from the answer that firstly Dryopithecus and Ramapithecus arose. They were ape like and so hairy. With time evolution comes and finally Homo sapiens arose.