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Dress material Terylene is essentially:
A) A nylon product
B) Acrylic product
C) Polyester product
D) Rayon product

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Hint:Terylene is an artificial synthetic fiber extensively used in the textile industry to make hard wear clothes like sarees, tapestry, and dress material. It is mixed with natural fiber (like wool and cotton) to make huge varieties of clothes.

Complete step by step answer:1) Dress material terylene is essentially a polyester product; made by condensation polymerization ethylene glycol \[\left( {{\text{ethane - 1,2 - diol}}} \right)\]and terephthalic acid \[\left( {{\text{benzene - 1,4 - dicarboxylic acid}}} \right)\]at \[\left( {{\text{benzene - 1,4 - dicarboxylic acid}}} \right)\], which is obtained from petroleum. Since, it is obtained by condensation polymerization, in which the molecular mass of a polymer is not a whole number of monomers due to loss of water molecules, that’s why it is also called step-growth polymer.

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2) Terylene possesses qualities such as lightness, toughness, resistance to scraping and to sunlight, and durability (particularly in the form of staple fiber). It was discovered by J. R. Whinfield and J. T. Dickson, in March \[{\text{1941}}\].
3) It is not affected by acidic substances, neither bleaches nor dry cleaning agents can destroy it and crease resist too. So, it is also used to prepare the seat belt, sails, and tire cords.
Hence, option (C) is the correct choice.

Terylene is the first polyester fabric ever produced. It may also be known by the brand names Dacron in the US, Lavan in Russia and the former Soviet Union, and Terylene in the UK. It can be easy in the wash and dries quickly, so it is used for the manufacture of wash and wear fabrics and mixed with cotton and wool to increase their resistance to wear and tear.
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