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Draw the structural formula of But-2-yne

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Hint:The structural formula is a way to present the atoms of the chemical compound in a three dimensional form. In structural formula bonding between the atoms are shown.

Complete step by step answer:
The given chemical name of the chemical compound is But-2-yne. By the chemical name itself we get to know that the prefix –But is used for the hydrocarbon chain butane and the suffix –yne is used for compounds containing triple bonds. 2nd represents the position of triple bond.
The chemical formula of a chemical compound is defined as a way of presenting the chemical compound and the chemical proportion of the atoms using symbols of the elements, numbers. The chemical formula of But-2-yne is ${C_4}{H_6}$. By the chemical formula we get to know that in the chemical compound But-2-yne four carbon atoms are present and six hydrogen atoms are present.
The structural formula of a chemical compound is defined as a way of representing the molecular structure showing the arrangement of atoms in three dimensional space. In the structural formula, the chemical bond present between the atoms is also shown.
The structural formula of But-2-yne is shown below.
seo images

The longest chain or the parent chain of the compound contains four carbon atoms therefore the hydrocarbon chain is butane. The second position of the hydrocarbon chain triple bond is present.

The condensed structural formula shows the representation of atoms in a chemical compound same as the structural formula. In the condensed structural formula, the atoms are represented in a straight line. In condensed structural formula chemical bonding between the atoms are not shown.
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