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Draw the diagram showing froth floatation method and label its parts.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:The froth flotation method is widely used for the concentration of sulphide ore such as zinc sulfide , Copper pyrites and galena . It is based on the fact that the surface of sulphide Ore is preferentially wetted by oils while that of gangue is preferentially wetted by water .

Complete step by step answer:
The froth floatation method is used for removing gangue from sulphide ore . Here the ore is mixed with water to form a suspension , then collectors are added , for example pine oil , fatty acid , xanthates To enhance the non wettability of mineral particles means mineral particles become wet by oil while the gangue particles by water.
Froth stabilizers are added like cresol or aniline which stabilize the froth . After this a rotating paddle agitates the mixture and draws air in it so a froth is formed which takes the mineral particles .
This method is also used to separate two sulphide Ores by using a depressant like sodium cyanide.

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Let us take an example of an ore which contains zinc sulphide and lead sulphide , in this sodium cyanide is used as a depressant which prevents zinc sulphide from coming to the froth but allows lead sulphide to come with the froth . in this method we can separate the two from the ore .

Note:The froth flotation method can also be used for the purification of sulphide Chloride and potassium chloride and Minerals of clay; the crushed mineral is suspended in brine solution while fatty ammonium acids are present in it .