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Draw a labelled diagram of the alimentary canal of a cockroach.

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint:-The word cockroach comes from the Spanish word Cucaracha. The cockroach is distinguished by a compressed oval trunk, black or brown leathery integument and long threadlike antennae. The alimentary canal of cockroach begins with the foregut that includes the mouth and enclosed mouthparts.

Complete Answer:- Alimentary canal of cockroach.

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A. Pharynx B. Oesophagus C. Salivary gland D. Crop E. Gizzard F. Hepatic caeca G. Mesenteron H. Malpighian tubules I. Colon J. Rectum K. Colon

The alimentary canal is divided into 3 major parts:
1. Foregut: The foregut prolongs in the form of the thin wall structure known as the oesophagus. The pharynx is referred to as the cavity of the mouth. An additional expansion of the canal known as a crop that has an identical configuration same as the oesophagus. The entrance for crops known as proventriculus.
2. Midgut: It is known as the real gut and encompasses the entire stomach or ventriculus. There are mainly 6 sets of gastric caeca right at the junction of the gizzard and stomach. Ring-like and pouch-like structure existing on the anterior end of the stomach. Groups of caeca expand to the ventriculus in case of the posterior lobe and even above in case of the anterior lobe.
3. Hindgut: This is composed of anterior ileum, middle colon, and posterior rectum. The gut is of coil shape. Huge quantity of long tubules found at the joining of the stomach and ileum known as Malpighian tubules. Rectum opens outside the body through the anus.

Note:- Cockroaches belong to the order Blattodea of phylum Insecta. There are about 30 species out of 4,600 cockroaches that are dwelling aside in human environments. The Midgut is covered by a peritrophic membrane and not by a cuticle. The cavity of the mouth near to the labium is opened from the collective salivary passage.