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How does current change in a parallel plate circuit ?

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Hint:Before answering the question you should understand what will happen for both current and voltage in that junction? Try to figure out changes in current with respect to change in resistance. By current law the total current entering in a junction will be equal to the current leaving that junction. So the total current will be the sum of current through branches.

Complete answer:
First let us understand the relation of current\[\left( I \right)\] , voltage \[\left( V \right)\] and Resistance \[\left( R \right)\] .This is well explained by Ohm’s law. Ohm’s Law states that Steady current passing through a closed circuit is directly proportional to voltage. It is represented mathematically as $V = IR$ .

From the equation, it is clear that both current and resistance is inversely proportional. So when resistance increases current decreases. At junction, current will split and flow through each branch. But in case of voltage it remains same in a parallel circuit while in series circuit voltage will be different and current will be same.In these junctions the splitting of current is dependent on the value of resistance.

If resistance in each branch is equal then equal amount of current will move through each circuit. If one of the branches has high resistance then less current will move through that branch and the branch with low resistance will get higher current. Higher the resistance lesser the current.In short, current will split in parallel circuits. Branches with lesser resistance will get a higher amount of current.

Note:A parallel circuit is a circuit in which the circuit splits into two branches.Understand Ohm’s law and focus more on how current changes with respect to resistance. Use Kirchhoff’s Current Law to find out how current changes in parallel circuits.
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