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Differentiate extracellular digestion from intra-cellular digestion. Which one is an advanced form?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The process of breaking down food into nutrients is digestion. Here digestion is of two types extracellular digestion from intra-cellular digestion. Extracellular digestion is either outside the cell and Intracellular digestion is within the cell, materials are broken down into tiny components.

Complete answer:

Intracellular digestionExtracellular digestion
Intracellular digestion represents a form of digestion where within the cell the breakdown of materials into tiny components takes place.Extracellular digestion refers to a form of digestion where outside the cell the breakdown of materials into tiny components takes place.
Within the food vacuole, digestion occurs by phagocytosis within the cell.Digestion takes place outside the cell through the mouth in the lumen of the food channel or the rotting organic materials.
In lysosomes, digestive enzymes are secreted into the vacuole of the food.Food canal glands secrete digestive enzymes into the lumen.
The simplest digestive process, and only the chemical digestion of food, takes place.There is a complex digestion process, and there is both mechanical and chemical digestion.
Nutrients diffuse into the cytoplasm via the membrane of the vacuole.By means of the gut epithelium, nutrients are absorbed into the blood.
Via exocytosis, indigestible materials are removed.The anus excretes indigestible materials.
Vesicles are present in protozoans and intracellular digestion takes place.Organs and glands are involved and exist in bacteria, fungi, and food-canal species.

Extracellular digestion is more effective and advanced types of digestion occur in multicellular species. During extracellular digestion, food is either mechanically or with acid, food is broken down outside the cell by special molecules. Enzymes are what these special molecules are called. The freshly broken-down nutrients are then absorbed by surrounding cells. Since the dietary canal is a digestive system that is more complex than a gastrovascular cavity and conducts extracellular digestion, extracellular digestion is used by humans. Since the food was split into the outside of the cells.

Note: Extracellular digestion permits vast pieces of food to be swallowed. It encourages different cells to specialise in various roles in order to commit fewer cells to the digestive process. It requires the release of enzymes via the cell membrane and the secretion of them into food molecules.