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Differentiate between the following.
a) Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve
b) Zoo and Wildlife sanctuary
c) Endangered and extinct species
d) Flora and fauna

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Hint:All these terms given in options are related to ecology. Ecology is the study of the relationship between living organisms and their physical environment. Wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve and zoo all come under the ex-situ conservation. Ex-situ conservation means the protection of endangered species outside their natural habitat.

Complete Answer:
a) Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve:-
S.No.Wildlife sanctuaryBiosphere reserve
1Wildlife sanctuaries are the places where wild animals are protected in their natural habitats. In these areas hunting is prohibited.Biosphere reserves are the areas tjat are used to conserve biodiversity. These areas contain many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
2These areas provide protection to wild animals.These areas help in the conservation of various types of plants, animals and microorganisms.
3In these areas, tourism is permissible.In these areas, no tourism is permissible.
4Boundaries are not fixed for wildlife sanctuaries.Boundaries are fixed for biosphere reserves.
5Example – Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary in KeralaExample – Pachmarhi biosphere reserve

b)Zoo and Wildlife sanctuary:-
S.No.ZooWildlife sanctuary
1Zoo is an area where animals are kept for public exhibition.Wildlife sanctuaries are the areas where wild animals are protected in their natural habitats. Here hunting or poaching practices are prohibited.
2Zoos are the small areas where animals are kept inside the cages. Wildlife sanctuaries are the large areas where animals are free to move anywhere.
3Zoo contains the animals that are brought from the different parts of the world for exhibition.A wildlife sanctuary contains the animals that are found locally in that area.
4Zoos provide artificial habitats to the animals.Animals are protected in their natural habitats.
5Example – Delhi ZooExample – Sanjay Gandhi wildlife sanctuary

c)Endangered and extinct species:-
S.No.Endangered speciesExtinct species
1Endangered species are those species who are facing a very high risk of extinction.Extinct species are those species which get completely extinct.
2The members of these species are living today but their number has decreased.There are no surviving individuals of these species.
3We can take some measures to protect endangered species from extinction.We can’t do anything as they are already extinct.
4Example – African wild dog, tiger, Royal Bengal tiger, etc.Example – Dodo, dinosaurs, etc.

d)Flora and fauna:-
1Flora refers to the plant life that can be found in a specific region.Fauna refers to animal life that can be found in a specific region.
2 It is automatically and naturally grown greenery of a regionIt includes all types of organisms from tiny bacteria to giant animals.
3Flora can make their own food with the help of photosynthesis (the process by which plants make their own food with the help of water, carbon dioxide and sunlight).Fauna can’t make their own food. They depend on the plants for their food.
4Flora is studied in botany.Fauna studied in Zoology.
5Flora can’t move i.e. remains at one place.Animals can move from one place to another.

Note: Remember to keep in mind that if we will not take any measure to protect endangered species then one day, they will get extinct. Their extinction can cause harm to our ecosystem. It can disbalance the ecosystem.