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What did Ambedkar mean to say in the following lines?
“On the 26th January 1950 we are going to enter a life of contradictions”.

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Hint:This discourse was made by the Drafting panel executive Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on the 26th January 1950 in the Constituent Assembly.

Complete answer:
In his finishing discourse to the Constituent Assembly Dr. B.R. Ambedkar expressed his nervousness over the inconsistent status of the Dalits. He said that in governmental issues, the Dalits would appreciate uniformity yet in social and monetary life they would have an imbalance. In governmental issues, they would perceive the rule of limited one vote and one vote one worth. In any case, in their social and financial life, they would keep on preventing the standard from getting limited one worth. Thus, they would keep on carrying on with an existence of logical inconsistencies. Normally, they require balance in social life just like financial life.In legislative issues, we will perceive the guideline of small-time one vote and one vote one worth. In our social and financial life, we will, because of our social and monetary structure, keep on preventing the guideline from getting limited one worth. How long will we keep on carrying on with this life of logical inconsistencies? How long will we keep on denying uniformity in our social and financial life? If we keep on denying it for long, we will do so simply by placing our political popular government in danger.

Note:We should eliminate this inconsistency at the most punctual conceivable second or probably, the individuals who experience the ill effects of imbalance will explode the structure of political majority rule government, which the Assembly needs to, relentlessly, develop.