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Describe any two applications of tissue culture technique.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plant tissue culture is an assortment of procedures that is used to preserve and grow the plant cells, tissues, or organs under some sterile circumstances on a medium of nutrient culture and is of known composition. Numerous different methods and systems in plant tissue culture offer convinced advantages over the conventional procedures of propagation of plant tissues.

Complete answer:

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> Rapid Propagation of Clones:
The group of entities or cells which are resultant from a single parental individual or cell by the means of asexual reproduction is known to be a clone. All the cells present in callus (which is also called as suspension culture) are derived from a single explant by the process of the mitotic dissection.
Consequently, all the sprouts which are revived from a callus or suspension culture have a similar genotype and institute a clone in general. Also, these saplings are made use of rapid clonal propagation.

> Confrontation towards Weed plants:
It is comparable to the orientation of mutations. The Weed plants are given to culture at the initial stage in very trivial absorptions. This dosage is amplified in subsequent cultures until the desired level of resistance is attained. The impervious cells are then reinforced to form saplings and florae.

Note: The single cells and plant cells that are deprived of cell walls (called protoplasts), the pieces of leaves, stems, or roots can habitually be made use to produce a new plantlet on culture media on giving the essential nutrients and plant hormones.