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“Democracy is seen to be nearly good in principle but felt not so good in practice”. Justify the statement.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Democracy can be defined as rule by the people. A form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people. The decision making power in a democracy is upon those elected by the people.

Complete answer:
A form of government where people have the authority to choose their own governing legislation. Two types of democracy exist: direct and representative democracy.
Few demerits of democracy are :
1. There is a delay in the decision making process in a democracy. In order to arrive at any judgment or consensus. It is an outcome of a long process of deliberation in which people try to give rational arguments in order to persuade each other.
2. The need of every individual is not met by democracy, in turn, creates frustration amongst the mass. Economic growth is lower in a democracy when compared to other forms of government. Due to the increase in corruption amongst many leaders, life has turned difficult for citizens. The red-tapism dominates the functioning of democracy.
3. The demands of the majority of the population are ignored. The will of the minority is often ignored due to the tyranny of the majority.
4. There are short elections in democracy due to which fair chance is not provided to every individual.

Note: Democracy is seen to be a good principle but felt not to be good in practice since decision making is slow in Democracy. The needs of the majority of the population is not catered to. Corruption is often associated with it since there are short elections in a democracy, a fair chance is not provided to every individual.