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Define Ramsar sites.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Ramsar sites are defined as wetland sites that are of convention importance and are developed under Ramsar convention. Ramsar convention is defined as an international treaty, where it originates this name after the city of Ramsar in Iran, which was signed in the year 1971 and the negotiation for the Ramsar convention was started in the year 1960 by different countries and NGO, 37 Ramsar sites in India are named under the Ramsar Convention.

Complete answer:
1.Ramsar convention first came into existence in 1975 with the mission to conserve and use all wetlands wisely.
2.Wetlands are the areas of Marsh, fern and they contain water, they may be natural or artificial and may be permanent or temporary, and they may be static or flowing, and the water that present are either fresh or brackish or salt or marine and are termed as Ramsar sites.
3.Some of the examples of the wetlands include estuaries, rivers, and lakes, etc.
4.Ramsar Convention is the only international treaty that is used to define the wetland ecosystem.
5.It mainly makes cover on the conservation of habitats for water bodies.
This convention has international importance, as the times go that treaty broadens the horizon which covers all features of the wetland.
6.This convention mainly works on 3 pillars which are to use all wetlands very necessarily. And to name the wetlands under the list of Ramsar to manage those effectively.
7.The other purpose of Ramsar sites is also to bring cooperation internationally over the trans boundary wetlands, which includes the wetland system and shared species.

Note: To remember the Ramsar convention and to make the mission go longer, a day is celebrated as wetland day, where it is started in the year 1997, so from that year, 2nd February If every year is celebrated as world wetland day, and so many international organizations are partnered under this convention.