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Cypsela is a characteristic fruit of the family Asteraceae.
A. True
B. False

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint:-Angiosperms are categorised under certain families based on some of their special characteristics. The major characteristics include the number of cotyledons (monocots or dicots), unisexuality or bisexuality, arrangement of petals, arrangement of sepals, position of ovary with respect to other organs of the flower, symmetry of petals and sepals, production of type of fruits and presence or absence of endosperm in seeds. The families of angiosperms are namely Brassicaceae, Malvaceae, Fabaceae, Solanaceae, Liliaceae, Asteraceae, Poaceae, Apocynaceae and many more families are described.

Complete Answer:-
The family Asteraceae is considered as the largest family of angiosperms having the largest geographical distribution. This family includes angiosperms of high economic importance like medicinal uses, ornamental uses and other uses. It is also called a sunflower family. The plants included in this family are dicotyledons. The name of this family is based on its inflorescence. Inflorescence is mostly racemose head or capitulum. Calyx (sepals) is usually represented by hairy structures called pappus or represented by minute scales. It is persistent and attached to fruit and helps in the dispersal of fruits. There are a total of five petals found in the flowers of this family. These petals are fused (gamopetalous condition) with each other, in valvate aestivation. Stamens are arranged in epipetalous condition (fused with petals), ovary is arranged in bicarpellary and syncarpous arrangement.
Fruit is cypsela with hairy pappus on it. This is the characteristic feature of this family. Cypsela is a small one seeded dry fruit which develops from bicarpellary, syncarpous and inferior ovary.In Cypsela fruit, the pericarp (fruit wall) and seed coat are free from each other and a bunch of hair is attached with the fruit which is known as pappus. Pappus helps in fruit dispersal.
Thus, the right option is A.

Note:- Family asteraceae is considered as an economically important family. The plants of this family are used as food material. Various types of oils are also obtained from the seeds of these plants. They also have medicinal properties like hair tonics, insecticidal properties. Some have diuretic properties. The flowers are of ornamental uses. For example- sunflower and marigold.