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Cro-Magnon Man is scientifically Homo sapiens (sub species fossilis). Write a short note on this.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint:-The evolution of man dates back to 15 million years ago. Homo sapiens are regarded as the modern man who developed the power of thinking, the skill of art, made utility tools, and were omnivorous in nature.

Complete answer:
In 1868, the fossils of a most recent ancestor of modern man were excavated at Cro-Magnon near the village of Les Eyzies in France. This species of man was hence named the Cro-Magnon Man. They are believed to have appeared around 34000 years ago in the Holocene epoch of the upper Palaeolithic period. Thus they were thought to be the first representative of the Homo sapiens and classified in the Genus Homo, Species sapiens, and Subspecies fossilis. The Cro-Magnon man was well-built, heavy, and had a powerful musculature. He had an average height of 166 - 171 cm. He had an orthognathous face that was small with a wide and arched forehead having faint brow ridges, an elevated nose, strong jaws with proper dentition, and also a prominent chin. Pieces of evidence support that Cro-Magnons were comparatively taller than other early species of humans on earth. The cranium had a brain capacity of approximately 1600 cc. This was apparently larger than the average cranium size for modern humans.

Note:- Due to a larger cranium size, Cro-Magnons were thought to be intelligent beings who had a sense of culture. They did a burial for their dead people. They made useful tools out of stones and bones. They carved and sculpted ornaments from bones and elephant tusks including small engravings, relics, and statuettes of humans and animals. They wore the skin of animals to cover their body.