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What concepts are behind the management of resources like coal, petroleum etc?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Coal and Petroleum are the resources that are non-renewable. It will get exhausted in the due course of time. Judicious use of resources is the only way to prevent it from getting exhausted early.

Complete step by step answer: When coal, petroleum, etc. are burnt, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and oxides of sulphur are released. All of these are the pollutants of the atmosphere. More use of these fossil fuels releases more pollutants. Therefore, management of fossil-fuels is to be seen from the environmental and economic angle. Various steps that can be followed for the management of natural resources are:
i. The treatment of water gathered from domestic and industrial regions is necessary in order to fulfil the daily demands of the population. Water wasting is one major concern, which needs to be corrected by making people aware of a wider level.
ii. Strict laws and regulations should be implemented by the government to save our resources.
iii. Judicious use of natural resources such as coal, petrol, diesel, etc, should be followed by the people; it is also known as sustainable development. By doing so, we can preserve it for future generations.

Additional information: Oil, natural gas and coal are collectively called fossil fuels. Fossil fuels were formed within the Earth from dead plants and animals over millions of years. Coal is used as a fuel to generate electric power in the United States. The coal is burned and the heat is used to convert water into steam, which drives a turbine.

Note: Wastage of natural resources should be prevented. Steps such as; switching off engines at traffic lights or at the place where you have to wait, switching off lights, fans, bulbs, air conditioners, etc. when not in use, etc. can save a lot of resources.