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Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Ethers are types of organic compounds that contain an ether group in which an oxygen atom is connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. General formulas represented by ethers are $R-O-R'$ Where R and R’ represents the alkyl or aryl group.

Complete Solution :
Ethers are further classified into two types:
- Symmetrical ethers: These are those ethers in which the alkyl or aryl group are the same on the both sides of oxygen atom i.e. in $R-O-R'$, R = R’.
- Asymmetrical ethers: In this type alkyl or aryl group connected with oxygen is different i.e. in $R-O-R'$ , R is not equal to R’.
- HI which represents hydrogen iodide is a diatomic molecule and also known as hydrogen halide. It is a very strong acid. It is used in organic and inorganic synthesis as one of the primary sources of iodine and it acts as a reducing agent. HI is a colorless gas which when reacts with oxygen it gives water and iodine and with moist air it gives a mist also known by fumes of hydroiodic acid. It is exceptionally soluble in water and gives hydroiodic acid.
- In the given reaction HI acts as a reducing agent which converts ethers into tertiary halide and alcohol and it can be shown as:
seo images

Here is the reaction.

Note: In the product tertiary term is used for that carbon atom which is further attached with three groups. Alcohol is those compounds which have OH groups in them and they have suffix ol with them like in product ethanol and tertiary methyl iodide are present.