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Complete the following reaction equation :
A. \[{C_6}{H_5}{N_2}Cl + {H_3}P{O_2} + {H_2}O \to \]
B. ${C_6}{H_5}N{H_2} + B{r_2}\left( {aq.} \right) \to $

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Hint: ${C_6}{H_5}{N_2}Cl$ is known as benzenediazonium-chloride. It will undergo a substitution reaction while reacting with hypophosphorous acid .

Complete step by step answer: ${C_6}{H_5}{N_2}Cl$ is known as benzenediazonium chloride. It is a saet of a diazonium cation and chloride. It exists as a colourless solid.
As we know the diazonium group is a very good leaving group and being positively charged, it takes away the two electrons of the bond that it has with the phenyl group. So, the incoming group that replaces $N_2^ + $ has to be a nucleophile.
-Hence, from ${H_3}P{O_2}$ the nucleophilic group that can be formed will be ${H_3}PO_2^ - $. The presence of ${H_2}O$ in the acid can also act as a nucleophile through its oxygen.
The products formed by the reaction of benzenediazonium chloride are ${C_6}{H_6},{N_2},HCl$ and ${H_3}P{O_3}$.
The reaction equation can be written as :-
${C_6}{H_5}{N_2}Cl + {H_3}P{O_2} + {H_2}O \to {C_6}{H_6} + {N_2} + {H_3}P{O_3} + HCl$
-when ${C_6}{H_5}{N_2}Cl$ that is benzenediazonium chloride reacts with $B{r_2}$ then the product will be $2,4,6 - tribromoaniline$ the reaction equation involved is :-
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Additional Information: Benzenediazonium chloride is the parent member of the aryl diazonium compound that has use in organic chemistry; this salt is highly unstable.

Note: The diazo group $\left( {{N_2}} \right)$can be replaced with many other groups, usually anions, that give a variety of substituted phenyl derivatives.
Moreover, this compound seems to be explosive.