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Common name of chloroethene is:
 A Benzyl chloride
B Vinyl chloride
C Allyl bromide
 D none of these

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: From the given name chloroethene, it is clear that there are 2 carbon atoms in the chain of the compound. There is a chlorine atom attached with one carbon atom. And it is from the alkene family of organic compounds.

Complete step by step answer:
According to the IUPAC nomenclature the common name of ethene is ethylene. The structure of ethylene is as follows.
seo images

Now when one hydrogen atom is replaced by one chlorine atom from ethene, chloroethene is formed. The structure of chloroethene is as follow,
seo images

The common name of the chloroethene is vinyl chloride.

So, the correct option is B.

Additional information:
 The chlorine atom of the vinyl chlorine contains lone-pair which can undergo conjugation with the pi-bond of the ethylene. Due to this conjugation the C-Cl bond is partially double bond in nature. The conjugation is shown below,
seo images

Due to this partially double bond of the C-Cl bond vinyl chloride does not undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction.