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What cloth should you clear while cooking in the kitchen?
(A)- Rayon
(B)- Cotton
(C)- Polyester
(D)- Polycot

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The fabric of the cloth can be obtained from both the natural sources or through man-made interventions. But the synthetic fibres are harmful to nature, producing poisonous gases on burning. Whereas, the natural fibres are easily degradable causing no harm.

Complete step by step answer:
There are two types of fibres, known as:
- Natural fibres such as the cotton, which are obtained naturally from the environment, have less durability and are highly biodegradable. Thus, causing no harm to nature.
- Synthetic fibres such as polyester and rayon, are man-made creations involving chemical processes.
The polyester is obtained from the non-renewable carbon sources like coal and petroleum, whereas the rayon is prepared from the natural source such as cotton pulp.
The mixture of the two fibres (natural and synthetic) are also present, such as polycot which is a mixture of cotton and polyester.
In the case of the natural fibres like cotton, they absorb the sweat. So, have a cooling effect by maintaining the body temperature and comfort as it is non-sticky. They also do not catch fire easily. Thus, preventing any damage.
Therefore, while cooking in the kitchen the most advisable cloth to clear is option (B)- cotton.
So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Note: The synthetic fibres are less expensive, have long durability but are non-biodegradable which makes it unfit for most reasons. They do not absorb water easily and melt at very high temperatures. So, while cooking in the kitchen, firstly it may not absorb the sweat, making one feel warm, itchy and uncomfortable. Also, on catching fire it may stick to the skin, causing more harm.