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Clonal cell lines are got from __________.
A. Tissue culture
B. Tissue fractionation
C. Tissue homogenization
D. Tissue system

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Hint: Clonal cell lines are the cells that are identical to each other and share a common ancestor. These clonal cells can be grown in a synthetic medium where artificial chemicals are added for the growth of cells in a controlled environment essential for them to survive.

Complete answer: Tissue culture is the method where cells are grown in a synthetic medium but separated from their parental cells. This method is likewise referred to as micropropagation. This is generally facilitated via the use of a liquid, semi-stable, or strong growth medium, which includes broth or agar. Growth mediums can be solid, semi-solid, or liquid. In modern-day usage, "tissue culture" commonly refers back to the increase of cells from tissue from a multicellular organism in vitro. These cells may be cells removed from a donor organism (primary cells) or an immortalized mobile line. The cells are bathed in a lifestyle medium, which includes important vitamins and electricity resources necessary for the cells' survival. Thus, in its broader feel, "tissue culture" is often used interchangeably with "cell subculture". On the other hand, the strict meaning of "tissue subculture" refers to the culturing of tissue portions.
Hence, the correct answer is option is A.

Note: Tissue subculture is an essential tool for the study of the biology of cells from multicellular organisms. It affords an in vitro model of the tissue in nicely described surroundings which can be without difficulty manipulated and analyzed. With help of meristematic property, cells can be divided into a large range from the initial cell culture.