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Checking of reradiating heat by atmospheric dust, ${ O }_{ 3 }$, ${ CO }_{ 2 }$, and water vapors are
(a) Ozone layer effect
(b) Radioactive effect
(c) Greenhouse effect
(d) Solar effect

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Hint: The effect induced by the checking of reradiating heat by atmospheric dust, ${ O }_{ 3 }$, ${ CO }_{ 2 }$, and water vapors is a natural process which is responsible for maintaining the Earth’s average temperature.

Complete answer:
The greenhouse effect is a natural process for heating the earth’s surface and atmosphere. It is responsible for maintaining a normal and stable earth’s temperature at 33℃ suitable for life to exist on Earth. Greenhouse gases like ${ O }_{ 3 }$, ${ CO }_{ 2 }$ along with atmospheric dust and water vapors check the reradiated heat by allowing the short-wavelength energy to pass through but absorbing and reflecting back the longer wavelength energy to the earth. In this way, they heat up the atmosphere. Without the greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the earth’s surface would have been an extremely cold planet rather than the present average of approximately 14°C.

Additional Information: -Ozone is located in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere. It shields the Earth from the harmful UV or ultraviolet rays. It is known as the ozone effect. But due to the usage of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons in spray cans and refrigerators has punched a hole in the ozone layer as they break ozone molecules and releases nascent oxygen from it which further progresses its depletion.
-The Solar radiation emitted by the sun is responsible for the solar effect. Solar radiation is a collective term for all the electromagnetic waves emitted by the sun like visible rays, infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays.
-The radioactive effect is due to the emergence of harmful ionizing radiation from radioactive substances like uranium, iodine-131, cesium, etc. When human cells are exposed to such radiations, depending upon the degree of its exposure, the risk factor increases. Exposure to a large amount of radiation all at once or multiple exposures of low-degree radiation can give birth to various health problems particularly that of cancer.
So, the correct answer is the ‘Greenhouse effect.’

Note: -Lately, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased a ton due to human interventions and their activities. This has led to global warming where the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere has been increasing every year.
-Scientists believe that it is the reason behind many adverse and odd climatic conditions being witnessed in various parts of the earth. It has also induced the melting of polar ice caps as well as glaciers in Himalayan snowcaps